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Full practice management programming allows the user to track billing, appointments, patient care and administrative paperwork all in one place. DocuRehab combines many powerful reporting functions to allow the user to keep the pulse of the practice.


Increase Your Profits

Are you losing money on cancelled appointments? Are your employees accurately scheduling and following up with patient care? Are you properly utilizing your front desk staff? DocuRehab stream lines your office productivity and facilitates a worry free practice.


Your EHR Anywhere

Online 24/7, DocuRehab is a cloud supported system which only requires an internet connection for access. You will never feel out of touch with your practice nor worry about running back to your desk to fill out notes.


Collaborate Effortlessly

DocuRehab is the ONLY EMR system to allow user collaboration. Through the publishing feature, users are able to share treatment techniques, forms and questionnaires, tests, exercises and protocols. Everything can be saved to the user’s personal folders (and edited), enabling the first platform to support cooperation between hands-on professionals.



DocuRehab LLC is a collaborative team of professionals with varied background and strengths. The DocuRehab team has grown to have offices in Georgia, Florida, Canada and France. The team’s common goal is to provide an EMR/ EHR system to meet the needs of the chiropractic.
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