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DocuRehab defines the cutting edge of technology in EMR/EMH systems.

Why an EMR/EMH system?

The health industry is not immune to the changes in technology. While treatments and therapies are advancing every day, so too is the manner the information is entered, stored and retrieved. Many health professionals are still using paper-based records for patient information but with the high costs of storage of the information, liability of damage to paper-based records, an inability to search and review past records and time demand on administrative staff Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records are becoming a standard practice in various professions.

What is an EMR/EHR system?

Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records are systems that enable the working professional to by-pass the paper forms and questionnaires prior, during and after a patient visit. The professional has the ability to fill in either data driven fields or text boxes to document all the information collected. These records are then digitally stored on a hard-drive, a server or a network eliminating the need for excessive physical storage space. The records are then easily available to the professional, allowing for greater continuity of care and the elimination of mistakes.


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