Patient Portal vs Kiosk

The Difference between the Kiosk and Patient Portal

The majority of EMR/EHR software systems advertise a patient oriented feature such as a kiosk or patient portal. These benefits help the flow of the waiting area and decrease the needs of an additional administrative person at all times. There are different patient applications and they differ depending upon whether the system is server or web based.

The Kiosk
The Kiosk works with Server based EMR/EHR systems. A kiosk allows the user some or all of the following functions:

  • Welcome patient entering the waiting room
  • Greet the patient through recognition processes ranging from one of the following: a password entry, card swipe, finger or biometric recognition via touch reader.
  • Change patient status in the scheduling and check them in.
  • Direct the patient to the correct room by voice automation and inform the doctor via network pop up.
  • For practices with multiple screen systems: the patient can fill in the subjective part of the SOAP, any new patient questionnaires and insurance information. (For patient to fill out questionnaires in the office multiple touch-screen devices would need to be added and this can be expensive)

The Patient Portal

The patient portal is a kiosk based on the cloud and has the same basic features of a kiosk system, but many more options can be added due to the Cloud hosting the system.

  • The patient can enter the same information at home from a personal computer as they would in a waiting room kiosk.
  • The patient can access from home any home exercise program provided for them, while staying compliant with HIPAA laws. (Theoretically, it is not HIPAA compliant to send a patient a recommendation for treatment (including exercise) in an email or an attachment due to the lack of security and the sensitivity of the information. This issue alone prevents users of a network solution to efficiently communicate with their patient.)
  • Patients can see and print their own records if authorized upon request, this avoids the additional time of printing for them.
  • Patients can authorize another person to see their records (a doctor or lawyer can manage the authorization via the administrative section of the patient portal.)
  • The doctor can provide patients with information about their condition by providing articles, pictures and videos directly through the patient portal.

DocuRehab provides users with an extremely sophisticated Patient’s Portal with multiple benefits not supported by other systems.

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