A patient portal enables the patient to complete any form or questionnaire via a computer, thus eliminating manual assistance from office staff or the need for paper forms.

Patient Features:

Enter Insurance Information

Often many patient receive a bill from their doctor because the insurance was not filed properly (wrong address, change of carrier, etc...) By taking 3 minutes required to enter the current carrier and group number, unexpected bills become a thing of the past.

Enter Medical History

Patients are normally asked to describe what brought them to the doctor’s office. Statistics show that most patients omit major clinical clues due to being in a hurry in the waiting room. Furthermore, if a patient sees several doctors, 90% of the questions are redundant between different offices. A patient can enter a very detailed health history only once and make it available to any additional doctor. This saves time and increases accuracy.

Better Continuity of Care

Many people travel away from home and have to consult another doctor/therapist, but do not travel with their health records. With the patient portal, there is no need to make a call to the office to send and fax files. Just ask the doctor to make the treatment notes available and then authorize the doctor of choice access to the patient portal. No wasting money, no lost time, fully secure.

Home Exercise Program under Professional Supervision

A Home Exercise Program (HEP) may be assigned by a doctor/therapist: each time the patient performs it, they can enter the intensity, repetition and set count using an iPad or smartphone. The doctor/Therapist can verify and monitor the progression just from this record. If the patient does not recall how to perform an exercise, just open the portal: all of the prescribed exercise are right there, fully described with an animation and even a video demonstrating it.

Sharing Training Activities in the Gym

Traditionally people have used a "little notebook" to customize a training protocol for Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the local gym. Each time they train, they alternate upper body, lower body and core and evaluate their progress over the months and years. Throw away the little book!
The patient portal becomes a professional tool that the user can customize their own training protocol from thousands of exercises; and the doctor/therapist can control and supervise it 24/7.

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