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Docurehab’s design is geared to offer a solution to the long term dilemma of documenting treatment in a manner concise enough for duplication by others. This issue has hindered all hands-on health care professionals and has stifled the growth of the industry as a whole. Now through a built-in wizard professionals can create fully documented and described treatments with animated photos to best reinforce the hands-on process. Chiropractors, physical therapists and other therapists finally have an EMR system flexible enough for the independence of hands-on therapy.

Industry and Profession oriented features:

Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy

“There is no one else in the industry able to pretend they are offering even a fraction of the wealth of content that DocuRehab provides” Dr. Pat Dennis DABCO

DocuRehab delivers a database of resources that include:
Thousands of Rehab exercises: Each is animated, with precise and accurate descriptions and correct billing codes.

Over a hundred orthopedic tests: The tests have complete and accurate descriptions, are listed with universal titles, as well as the function and goal of the test outlined including the clinical interest and each test linked to animated images and/or video. Documentation directly links to print in patient report

Hundreds of forms populating the database: Each chart has been created for immediate use with drop down menus, call up boxes and check boxes. The user no longer must pay for industry forms such as outcome assessment questionnaires, general patient evaluation or an excuse letter to the employer because they are all free.


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