DocuRehab ushers a new era in the way chiropractors communicate with the patient, amongst themselves and document their treatments.

The EMR/EHR system supports and meets the need for full practice management while also enabling the doctor to document treatments for the first time EVER. Online scheduling, patient portal and home health rehab exercise programs are just a few tools to help the users’ practice grow.

Medicare is requiring more and more data be supplied by the chiropractor for reimbursement. As the demand for information increases by the government so must the EMR/EHR’s ability to be flexible in adding informational or question fields to the current charting. DocuRehab users are able to completely modify their charting by editing current charts or creating ones from scratch. Simple click and drag features allow the user to customize new forms, questionnaires and other documents as fast as their fingers will let them.

Chiropractors have never been able to fully describe and document their treatments in a manner that a colleague could duplicate it in detail. DocuRehab has solved this dilemma and now the user can document a hands-on treatment in seconds with enough precision for duplication by peers. This leads to better integration, recognition and progression among the profession as colleagues and peers are able to reference and use treatments not known to them before.

Time is a commodity and one that runs short many times, often chiropractors struggle to attend seminars to improve the clinical experience and expand their knowledge. The ‘HO Project’ brings practical experience to the user without them leaving the treatment room.

“The Chiropractors are not alone to treat and evaluate patients; they are members of the big online Chiropractic family under the caring umbrella of DocuRehab.

Comparison Chart

  DocuRehab E-connect PayDC ChiroTouch
Web-based (application)    
Web- enabled (Downl1oad, web D-base)      
Hardware or OS (window AND Mac)    
Picture- base system      
Documentation for duplication by peers      
Ipad /android optimized    
HEP included      
Patient Portal    
Practice Management
Patient Kiosk      
Hands-On Wizard      
Exercise Wizard      
Charting Wizard      
Nutrition Wizard      
Synchronized Tutorials      
Online Scheduling    
Document Storage




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