Most educational facilities want to involve their students in the newest and most relevant technologies. This can be difficult when funding is limited, as is often the case. DocuRehab with the HO project has addressed this issue and empowers every teacher to challenge their student in the health care industry to step up to the world of electronic documentation.

Students can use the program for free! They can also create their own technique, protocol of treatments and they can share theses with both teachers and students. (Each student would have a password that is shared with the teacher.) This would allow the teacher to access the student creations and patient anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

In a student clinic, the institution tightly controls the protocol performed on a patient of the clinic. DocuRehab allows, for the first time, to address a patient problem as viewed during a clinical experience and request students with a challenge to provide the answer, all documentation required, treatment and techniques for the issue and process it in electronic media. The student may leave the classroom and go home, log in and address the protocol from start to finish in a manner the professor can critique easily and quickly.

An Example of how a professor may state a question or homework assignment:

Create the appropriate home exercise program for a 65 years old patient, four weeks after a complete right knee replacement. Explain the rationale for the HEP. Demonstrate the exercises (2 minimum) with short video and a biomechanical name (this may be generated with the DocuRehab wizard).

Describe a muscle energy technique with a short video and animation. Then describe the technique and present a treatment aimed at increasing neck ROM following an acute left sided torticolsi (this may be generated with the DocuRehab wizard).

Assignments suddenly take on new life with factual and realistic situations and solutions. The student builds their base for a future clinic due to all the information established during school may be automatically accessed via the software system. The recent graduate has established resources for providing patient care from the day school is out until retirement

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