The field of nutrition is growing eminently as the links between diet and physical well being are concretely documented and the make up of food from preservatives to added nutrients are studying and analyzed. The ongoing research and changes as the bio-chemical studies are done force this industry to find a solution for documentation, patient protocols and information storage that are fast and flexible. DocuRehab supports nutritionists and the importance their services provide to establishing a well integrated and connected health care community who focuses on the best patient care continuity.

Provide patients with supplements of any type and print a professional prescription.

Enter easily and conveniently the products recommended for clients with description and picture of the bottle.

Immediately via the player customize the prescription to the specific patient filling in the quick questions provided in a customized chart such as how many, how often, for how long.

Created drop down menus for each product that carried and prescribed in the practice or clinic.

Customize complex and lengthy nutritional questionnaires that the patient can complete at home or in the office via the patient portal.

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