Physical Therapists

DocuRehab created a solution for the physical therapy industry which vastly varies dependent on the location a therapist practices in.

A therapist is going to approach care for a pediatric patient with a broken leg differently than a geriatric patient after a fall. The patient age, their state of physical well being and they type of injury are all factors in how therapists may set a course of treatments as well as the expected rate of recovery and progress. DocuRehab understands the need to modify quickly the protocols and treatments from patient to patient to ensure the documentation reflects the most pertinent information.

Other EMR/EHR software companies try to reach a broad market using a single linear form for all and the outcome is a cluttered system. This is the foremost complaint heard over and over by those moving their practice to electronic format. DocuRehab is the only physical therapy EMR/EHR that understands this and allows the user to create customized treatments, exercises, protocols and questionnaires.

  • DocuRehab enables the user to create questionnaires from scratch, supporting 1 to 500 questions, and share them with others through the publish function
  • The documentation is customized to reflect only what the therapist chooses
  • The collected data can be compared and evaluated from date to date, section to section or full form side-by-side.
  • The largest database of rehabilitation exercises and full HEP module, maturing daily, accessible from any internet connected device


Comparison Chart

  DocuRehab WebPT Redoc Thera-assist Chart PT
Web-based (application)      
Web- enabled (Download, web D-base)        
Hardware or OS (window AND Mac)      
Picture- base system        
Documentation for duplication by peers        
Ipad /android optimized      
HEP included      
Patient Portal      
Practice Management
Patient Kiosk        
Hands-On Wizard        
Exercise Wizard        
Charting Wizard        
Nutrition Wizard        
Synchronized Tutorials        
Online Scheduling      
Document Storage    


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