Fifteen years ago, very few people had the vision that documenting hands-on technique would, or even could, be done. Those few also knew that this alone could bring more advancement to the hands-on professional in a few years than in the past one hundred. Now that vision has come to fruition.

DocuRehab has been in business since 1997. At that time it was under the name Euro-Health and the product was called DocuAdjust software. The rights to Euro-Health were later bought by DocuRehab Software, Inc.

DocuRehab Software, Inc. has the following software product lines: DocuAdjust, DocuRehab, and DocuGym. The company's headquarters are located in Florida, USA. The combined efforts of over 30 working professionals from different fields have contributed to the ongoing and ever evolving project.

DocuRehab truly believes the strength of the professional relationship with patients, physical therapists, and other colleagues which directly reflects on the success of a practice! DocuRehab is intended for hands-on health practitioners.

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