This project initially started as an academic project aimed at structuring and organizing hands-on treatment via written classification. As the project became more ambitious, it was necessary to ask for help from different professionals in the U.S. and abroad. We would like to thank those people who have gone out of their way to help us.

Dr. James Winterstein, DCpresident of the National Health University in Chicago (USA) who invited our speaker to the AACC several times and introduced him to many great people, as well as providing encouragement in the infancy of the project.

Dr. Raul Guiniez, DC, PTpresident for several years of the Chilean Physical Therapy Association (Chile) who assembled and trained many professionals of different backgrounds. He began to unify teaching and communication via the DocuRehab system and allowed us to implement a structure in vivo for testing.

Dr. Carlos Sbolci, DC, PT, past president of the Cordoba Physical Therapy Association (Argentina); Omar Pica DC, PT; Adrian Bizarri DC, PT; all from the National University of Cordoba who provided feedback during our multiple meetings in South America and who brought some of the best models to our camera.

Dr. David Lopez, DC, PT (Chile), professor and international lecturer who organized multiple seminars in Santiago with his colleagues and friends.

Dr. Raul Cadagan, DC, PT (USA, Argentina), who covered several hundred thousand miles teaching and setting up academic structures over a ten-year period. He has supported this project from the very beginning.

Dr. Nunez MD, DC, PTSpine Surgeon, who advised us, opened his facility to us, and helped us keep in contact with frequent trips to the U.S.

Dr. Norberto Vergara, DC, PTchiropractor who came to the states and organized several seminars.

Dr. Dena J. Lawrence, DC (USA), the long time publisher of the Journal of Manipulative and Physical Therapy (MPT) who edited and published the first article on "Classification of Technique" and is always ready to help with his publishing expertise.

Dr. Tom Hyde, DC (USA), who never missed an opportunity to present this system to his vast audience worldwide.

Dr. Reed B. Phillips, DC, PhDpast president of Southern California University of Health (USA), who made resources available to us through his college.

Dr. Thierry Kuster, DCpresident of the Paris IFEC School (France); Dr. Christophe Izard DC , IFEC technical director, for inviting us to speak at the Paris institute and then provided the academic structure to extend this nomenclature into the French language.

Dr. Sylvain Parny, DC, PTpast president of the French Chiropractic Association who invited us to the WFC in Paris to present the DocuRehab system.

David Chapman Smith (Canada), general secretary of the World Federation of Chiropractic; a humble, great fellow who gently and efficiently introduced us to the slow moving political world providing advice and expertise on how to move a great idea forward regardless of the bumps and bruises.


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