Why is Documentation for Duplication Important?

For years professionals have believed they were creating documentation for duplication by peers. In reality the short notes currently created to describe a treatment or technique are simple, brief summaries that share an idea but not HOW to repeat it. DocuRehab has changed this with the fastest, wizard run process to create and share the exact parameters of the treatment or technique. These can further be customized with photo, animated-images and video to ensure the new user can recreate the process exactly.

To view an interview discussing documentation issues in the industry, click here.
The video run time is 12 minutes

Are there system requirements for DocuRehab?

No, unlike the competitions systems, including other web-based software, DocuRehab is available simply by logging into the website. The computer is merely a vessel while the substance lives online, accessed from secure servers across the US. As long as the user has internet access the program is available.

What is DocuRehab?

A multidimensional, subscription and web-based software solution for the Health care industry. DocuRehab changes the way your office runs through convenience and flexibility that lead to profitability while enabling the user to better illustrate and interpret, assemble, and manage patient information from scheduling, to adjusting, to billing.

Who Can Use DocuRehab?
DocuRehab is for chiropractors, nutritionists, physical therapists, trainers, teachers and a host of industry professionals who want to integrate their practice to increase efficiency, decrease error and aggregate all their resources into one place, available anytime and anywhere.

What are the differences in how a software system approaches charting?

Linear Charting
Linear charting is a series of questions which are presented as a rolling screen page to the user. Questions may be collapsed as the user scrolls down the screen.

The first setback of such a system is that it forces the user to read many questions that they will never need, increasing the time necessary to move through the form. The second issue is that there is no inter-activity linking one module with another. The lack of linking limits how much the user can stray from the main questionnaire without deferring to a pen and paper again.

Branch Charting
Branch charting allows one module to call another due to the linking between one chart module and another in the system. This branching system can link to an unlimited number of charts together called up in a cascade approach to the questionnaires. This allows more interactivity without having the patient to stop and search for a new set of charts, etc. A branching approach does not overload the system because it is designed for the information to be available in an accordion-manner with it all linked together versus opening many windows and forcing the system to run each window independently. DocuRehab has made this feature easy with the ability to color code when one chart anchors to another. When options for additional modules are to be pulled up based on the link, a new photo icon will appear in the left navigation pane signaling an additional screen to address. Quick, Simple and Seamless!

Personalized Branch Charting
DocuRehab strives to offer a product that excels industries current demand to focus on the future and changing technologies. In the process of determining the best manner to deliver the charting feature, DocuRehab went another step to allow the user to create new charts and link a question or series of questions to call up an additional chart or set of charts. This procedure is called anchoring a chart in DocuRehab. It provides the user a wealth of new possibilities to create sets of questionnaires and forms with new inter-activity for patients' visits from scratch. This unique feature will be especially appreciated by higher educational institutions or specific academic programs because it saves them the expense and time of hiring a programmer to create an independent site.

What is a Protocol or Profile?

A protocol or profile typically refers to a group of several treatments pulled in a single operation thus speeding up the documentation. Treatments can be mixed and matched according to specific criteria such as the condition, age of patient, type of injury, insurance, etc. These allow the user to create protocols for different patient complaints and issues. DocuRehab refers to this function as a protocol.
In DocuRehab, the user's protocols are created from treatments but they may also include items from charting, allowing for extraordinary flexibility.
For Example:
A protocol for a geriatric patient following a hip surgery can include all the standard therapeutic approaches PROM, AROM, RAROM, EMS, AND the appropriate outcome assessments and questionnaires relevant to the Plan of Care.

How does a Patient Portal affect Home Exercise Programs (HEP)?

HIPAA law restricts Health professionals from sending recommended exercises and other supporting documentation through email as an attachment to a patient. Emails are not encrypted and are not secure unless a security certificate is downloaded by the patient during the email process to create an encrypted and secured transmission from one IP address to another. DocuRehab has created a patient portal to enable a secure, encrypted option for communication with the patient that works within the bounds of HIPAA law. To fully utilize the benefits of a HEP; the EMR system used by the health professional needs a web based application with a password protected patient portal. The reason for this is the patient has access to their exercises instantly, as well as any document already authorized pertaining to their care.

What is Administrative patient portal management?

The patient portal administrative management function eliminates various tasks typically handled by the front desk. HIPAA law states that the current provider requires signed authorization from the patient prior to sending documentation to a third party. This signed authorization is kept in the patient file and only is pertinent to the third party source listed on the release. It is tedious work for the administrative staff due to such things as legal cases, where multiple requests may be required throughout the duration of a treatment cycle. Every patient is responsible for EXACTLY who will have access to their medical data. Patients can go to the portal and create a password to provide and a time frame for the password to be active. This password can then be provided to anyone who needs to access the notes including: doctors, lawyers, legal guardians and insurance companies. DocuRehab will save you time and decrease your liability.

What does DocuRehab mean when it refers to Synchronous Tutorials?

Most software provides the user with various tutorial videos, either posted on youtube or on the website. The purpose is for the videos to be watched first then to go in the program and do the actions demonstrated in the video. This can be difficult unless the user has excellent memory retention because the example and the actual action are not able to be referenced simultaneously.
DocuRehab finds this approach awkward and inconvenient to user functionality and learning. Rather than present the systems 
 tutorials module by module outside the program or on another site completely, they are embedded directly into the application. This allows the user to play the tutorial while concurrently exercising in the system.

The user can learn how to enter a new patient by entering a real one into the program while watching the tutorial. DocuRehab has just cut down the learning time by half!

How does membership work with DocuRehab?

DocuRehab is FREE to all professionals for basic membership. A user may have 0 to 25 patients in the system and continue using it for free, forever. This is not a gimmick and will not change after an introductory period. The ‘Hands-On Project’ database of hands-on treatments and techniques is based upon all professionals having this FREE access. This enables ALL professionals to share and contribute to what DocuRehab envisions as the largest online database for hands-on care by health professionals. Basic membership does not exclude the user from access to any of the system.

With DocuRehab:
There is no contract! The goal is to ensure the user is satisfied.
The membership is ‘Pay as You Go.’ This can be month-to-month or year-to- year.
There are no tricks, no hidden fees and no last minute add-ons to access all features of the system. DocuRehab has additional options for practice set-up/training, linking DocuRehab to another system for billing and patient demographic import. These are all optional services.
Membership prices are strictly dictated by the number of patients added to an account.

DocuRehab is the most competitively priced on the market.

An example of how DocuRehab may save health professionals money:
A Rehab Center averaging 1100 active patients each with a password portal, staffing up to 6 employee users, will pay $194/mo. This includes all features except for the third party billing module.

Other EMR systems marketed today on average are priced between $400-$800/mo. The actual amount may be dependent on the length of time the investment is depreciated over.

DocuRehab offers complete and comprehensive email support with all memberships (basic to institutional)m monthly webinars and the system upgrades occur on a regular basis, so they never interrupt the users’ ability to access and use the program.

How does DocuRehab assist my Massage Therapist?

Many practices use a part-time massage therapist who must call weekly to get their appointment schedule, or the practice must call the therapist to update any changes in the schedule. With DocuRehab, the therapist is able to directly access their schedule from home and know about all appointments ahead of time. Further, DocuRehab will automatically send an email to the patient to remind them of their massage appointment.

How does DocuRehab integrate several doctors within the same office?

The DocuRehab appointment book is personal yet global at the same time. In other words, each doctor can see his individual patients yet the office staff is able to access every doctor and their patients. This results in a more effective practice for both the doctor and office staff.

Additionally, the system lets the office to instantly add new doctors to the system, allowing easy and simple transitions within the practice.

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