DocuRehab’s electronic medical recording software system has been designed to meet the needs of the “Hands-On” health care professionals and to document treatments. “Hands-on” is defined by DocuRehab as to include: chiropractic care, physical/occupational therapy and exercise physiologists.



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The documented techniques in the "Hands-On" database hosted by DocuRehab, define, describe and demonstrate each treatment for concise duplication by peers. Prior to DocuRehab’s EMR software, there has been no way to document the actual treatment. The built-in wizard guides the user through editing current techniques or creating new ones. Each technique is automatically classified and categorized by the system as the wizard prompts the user field by field.

DocuRehab’s drag and drop function allows the user to quickly select the picture icon with the desired treatment and add it to the player. The technique is then animated with the necessary inputs such as number of repetitions, side of the body or place.



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