Home Health Exercise

Home Health Exercise Programs (HEP)

DocuRehab is the ONLY EMR/EHR to offer a full home health exercise module without any additional expense. The DocuRehab system offers high quality patient education and access to rehab exercises using a full database of animated images. The patient portal gives the user the power to let patients enter new information about their personal exercise routines on a daily basis. This keeps progress between visits easy to monitor. DocuRehab has taken the extra step and investment to ensure that the program works to increase the professionals’ treatment success while minimizing their work by including the HEP as an integrated part of the software. Since patients are able to track their progress online, they are provided with extra motivation leading to the success of their treatment in addition to facilitating collaboration with the doctor or therapist.

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Photocopying black and white printouts, stick diagrams and text-based descriptions are a thing of the past when assigning rehab exercises for at home when the user has subscribed to DocuRehab. The built-in wizard allows the user to upload their own sequential photos of the exercises for animation keeping the patient feeling like they are face-to-face with their therapist.


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