Patient Portal

A true patient portal saves a minimum of 30% of the Front Desk clerical time and an estimated 25% of the doctor’s administrative efforts!

This represents a phenomenal savings in payroll expenses and shifts tasks that are typically carried out by the Front Desk staff to the patients themselves.

Patients enter

Their own history

Their insurance information

Their general information

Prescription drugs and supplements they are currently taking

Customizable questions such as subjective ones that can be entered into the back end of the EMR by the user

This information is filtered into the correct tabs for the User

The patients also monitor who in your office staff will see their information. This has several benefits as you:

Do not need to initiate contact with a lawyer

Do not need to copy the information into a large patient folder

Do not need to monitor release authorizations


These tasks are now handled by the patient!

The patient portal monitors patient visits by:

Sending appointment reminders

Automatically changing the status of appointments

The patient portal supplies the patient with an online "Home Exercise Program" (HEP) for rehab therapy, home rehabilitation exercise and at the gym in three different methods:

In printed format, animated image format and full video format

The patient is able to select exercises and build their own programs from the same database as the doctor

The doctor has the ability to easily monitor a patient's progress online. 

This provides for complete monitoring of high level athletes

The homework function of the patient portal provides patients with a nutritional supplement prescription including concise dosage direction

True patient portals due to HIPAA requirements can operate only on a web-based system.

At DocuRehab, the leader for EMR for the hands-on professional, we have integrated both patient and user portals to help our users save money, resources and time.



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