DocuRehab’s online scheduling facilitates the chiropractor and physical therapist by moving systematically through their daily patient appointments. The calendar allows for fast and simple patient scheduling through the drop and drag function, color coded appointment status and multiple view options.


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DocuRehab is a cloud-based system empowering every member of the practice to quickly log on from any internet connected device and view their upcoming appointments. Here's what to expect:
  • Appointments are displayed for each user by Day, Week or Month
  • Appointment are displayed for all users either simultaneously or by individual user
  • The "Drag and Drop" function makes changing the appointment time a snap
  • Patients are stored in a drop down menu for quick scheduling
  • Appointment lengths are set by the user's preference and vary by category. An Example: A new patient visit is 30 minutes and a follow up visit is 12 minutes
  • Appointments are color-coded according to the status of the appointment (in office, cancelled, rescheduled)
  • A feature allows for automatic scheduling of consecutive visits such as in the case of a long term therapy patient
  • Automatic patient reminders via email or text message serves to decrease the “no show” epidemic
  • The system allows "note posting" which shows clear co-pay amount reminders for the patient



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