DocuRehab Touch has optimized our EMR/EHR solution for professionals who prefer the use of a touch tablet. iPad or Android devices work to keep the busy professional up to the minute with their notes by making it a finger flick away. DocuRehab Touch allows the professional to make changes in the EMR while directly in front of the patient, allowing for a more genuine interaction. 




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DocuRehab Touch is:

  • An extension of DocuRehab optimized for iPad and Android devices to offer the user an incredible experience
  • Ideal for older users or those with sight impairments since the screen is easily magnified through the device.
  • A touch EMR system with thousands of animated images of hands-on treatments and exercises to use for patient visits
  • Interactive with each screen representing a different part of the patient visit and moves from screen to screen like a PowerPoint presentation with pertinent exam questions



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